NICA’s History

NICA's History

Chris Marlett, co-founder of NICA, has a rich family history and strong ties to Nicaragua.  His mother, Angela Ascension Pasos Pastora, was born in Rivas, Nicaragua.  Both the Pasos and Pastora sides of Chris’ family have included notable individuals who have shaped the development of Nicaragua.  Chris returned to Nicaragua in 2004 and bought property.  Since then, he has spent more time there, and has acquired more property and expanded operations of MDB Capital Group.

Terri Marlett, co-founder of NICA and spouse of Chris, fell in love with Nicaragua when she spent 18 months helping to construct M Playa Santa Rosa.  She felt the warmth of the Nicaraguan people instantly, and noticed their hunger to live a better life, contrasted with the enormous need for opportunity and education.

Three months after the completion of their home, Terri was flooded with countless requests from the townspeople for assistance with education, health care, infrastructure repair and loans to start businesses.  She and Chris responded with a plan to help the town, which led to the formation of NICA in March 2006.