NICA’s Impact

NICA's Impact

The general objective of any organization is to make a sustainable impact that can be quantified. Our partners, supporter and volunteers need to be assured of the impact their donations and time spent with us is making on the community.

Volunteer and Supporter's Immediate Impact

  • Every $25 donated to NICA enables one person to be employed for one month in our Community Development Program
  • Every week spent in the Volunteer Abroad Program pays for 800 school lunches which encourages more children to stay in school
  • Two weeks spent in the Volunteer Abroad Program pays for 1600 school lunches or employs two individuals for three months in the Individual Aid Program

These are programs your support and volunteer participation will immediately impact!

Quantifiable Results

Community Development Program:

  • 40 homes improved: floor added, additional room added, bathroom added
  • 10 homes built; 8 homes being built now
  • 600 pounds of food delivered anually to families working in the program
  • Improved lifestyle for 100% of participants: increased participation in education, health care and overall well-being
  • Participants have received additional education inclusive of computer training and leadership training whch has increased work ethic

School Lunch Program:

  • 100% of children attending school receive one healthy meal a day
  • Decreased disease and malnutrition due to increase in overall health
  • Increased school enrollment
  • Increased number of students graduating and attending university
  • Increased participation of parents through partnering on food program

Additional Completed and Ongoing Projects

For more detailed information on NICA's financial details and responsibility, please check out the financials page which includes all of NICA's tax return information.

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