Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

We are committed to elevating rural communities throughout Nicaragua by mobilizing local people to make a difference.  We accomplish this by working with the local community, local and international volunteers, partners and donors who support our programs and assist us in implementing them on the ground. NICA's mission is deployed around five keys areas:  Education, Infrastructure, Public Health, Commerce Development and Community Pride.

Our Philosophy

We believe through unification and mobilization of communities, individuals will become organized and empowered to meet the demands of the expanding international market. As more opportunities appear on the horizon, untapped potential will be harvested ultimately ensuring a bright future for rural communities.

We envision communities abounding with pride and dignity, no longer dependent on the hands of others; individuals dedicated to personal accomplishment through a renewed passion for advancement; a country enabled to harness the abilities of its people due to new possibilities through opportunity.

We believe in the power of our local staff and international volunteers to drive innovation and optimism throughout the community. Every unique project we launch will be designed to mobilize assets and create self-reliance in order to break the cycle of dependence. 

Finally, we are committed to our donors: the unwavering supporters of our vision.  We believe every project must be tested to ensure objectives are being met and every contribution is being used effectively.  Donors are the foundation of our work, and their support can never be taken for granted. We are responsible to every supporter and their investment in the future of rural Nicaragua.  We call this being a responsible chartiy.

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