NICA's Initiatives

As NICA develops objectives in the community to increase sustainability, our mission compels us to focus on five key areas: education, commerce development, infrastructure, public health, and community pride. The development of these initiavtives allows us to set clear targets which have acheivable goals for our organization and the people in the communities where we work.

Some of the projects within our specific initiatives have a definite beginning and ending date, and others are ongoing.  Supporters and volunteers participate in helping the organization acheive the objectives for the initiatives through participation in both types of projects. Partners of NICA will be enabled to implement the same initiatives with similar projects in sister communities where they choose to work.

Current (Ongoing) Projects

Commerce Development Program         Road Restoration

La Fraternidad School (Private)              School Lunch Program

Douglas Vasquez School (Public)           After School Program


Completed Projects

Road Restoration                    El Tránsito Municipal Well

El Tránsito Public Well            Community Baseball Stadium     



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