NICA Communities

NICA's Communities

El Transito

El Transito is located on the Pacific Coast, about an hour and a half from Leon or Managua.  It has a population of 1800 people, and the main ecomony revolves around fishing.  El Transito is NICA's first community.  It is the main community where community work is carried out, and where the Volunteer Program is located.  There is great surf there, and the sun shines year round there.  People still live on dirt floor shacks, use latrines, and gather water in barrels for drinking and cleaning.  It is very rural.

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Laguna Apoyo

Laguna Apoyo is NICA's first partner community.  Projects there are under the direction of Brian and Nancy Davis, a retired couple from Oregon.  NICA has been partnering with Brian and Nancy since 2010.  There are two commarcas (communities) around the lagoon, and community work is carried out in both.  Volunteer opportunities are available with Brian and Nancy upon special request and approval.  There are more black out dates and limited spaces.

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Whole Child International sponsors a barrio around the old American Embassy through NICA.  NICA carries out the CDP program there to help keep the perimeter around the complex clean and free of garbage.  Local residents earn food in exchange for their community service.  All program costs and benefits are sponsored by Whole Child International.

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