Michael Parrales

CREA Director

Michael Parrales is our educational program (CREA) Director; he joined our team in 2015. Michael is a technology professional with vast experience in education; he has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, England. Michael is also a Google Suite for Education Certified Trainer. He started his professional career working in big production and manufacturing companies when he was just 19 years old.

He began his software development company back in 1998 and had the opportunity to develop software for diverse types of industries such as construction, distribution, marketing, support services, medical industry, sales stores among others.

In 2005 he received an opportunity to work in one of the major schools in Costa Rica as Technology Director, and there is where all began for him regarding educational technology. Michael has served many other K-12 schools in Central America and Mexico since then with great success.

Michael is also an international presenter and speaker and has given different workshops, seminars and conferences for several schools and audiences in the region. He is also a professor at UAM College in Managua.

Michael’s job characterizes for developing and maintaining robust technology platforms that promote 21st Century Education, actively support technology integration in the classrooms and develop cost-effective technology plans that incorporate state of the art technology in education.

Michael firmly believes that technology must be a resource that facilitates, leads and foster 21st-century learning. Also, that technology must create opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, and make appropriate choices in academic environments that improve their ability to learn in creative ways.


michael@nicafund.org 505-87809421
Michael Parrales