NICA's Volunteer Abroad Program

Embarking on an international volunteer experience takes courage and strength. You have landed here for a reason, and now the next step is up to you. Volunteering abroad guarantees one thing: personal growth. The journey will elevate your perspectives on the world and people, and through the enriched perspective, you will grow as a person. Participants in the volunteer abroad program receive multiple benefits:

Cultural Immersion

Many participants choose the volunteer program as a starting point for immersion. Whether you are a Global Studies student or you are interested in the Spanish language, the volunteer abroad program enables you to be completely engaged with a country, culture and language very different from your own. The volunteer program is administered and operated by English speakers, so you never have to worry; yet, we understand the benefit of experiencing the journey to its fullest extent.

Enhanced Skill-Set

In today's global economy, employers seek talented people with unique experience. Working in an underdeveloped community through NICA's volunteer abroad program provides you with a reference that will set you above and beyond the standard. Not only will the experience shine on a resume, but the work you will complete in the community will prepare you for leadership, interpersonal development, strategic thinking and adaptability.  Every participant in the volunteer abroad program will be able to add a significant differentiator to their resume!

Global Connection

Believe it or not, participating in an international volunteer program is not just about you or the community in focus. Volunteering abroad impacts the global population by enhancing perspective. Consider the various challenges in our world today. If we applied the volunteer experience as a solution, change would happen immediately. Experiencing life from another person's perspective nurtures an attitude of inclusion and equality, which would benefit the entire world.

Every week you volunteer, you are providing 800 school lunches through the program fee which means more kids stay in school and have at least one healthy meal a day. An additional week of volunteering secures a job for two people working in our Commerce Development Program for three months!

At NICA, sustainability is the name of the game. We established the volunteer abroad program to bring much needed human and financial capital to impoverished communities. The program fee and projects you will be working on have been designed to help the people of the community become self-sustainable. We believe sustainability (not charity) is the only solution for underdeveloped communities to transcend poverty and become a respected part of the global community.

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