Why Choose NICA's Volunteer Program

Volunteering abroad is a big decision. Many of our participants have never been out of their home country. For this reason, NICA is focused on the volunteer and their needs during the travel experience. We know the first time in a developing country can be intimidating, so we have an English speaking staff dedicated to hosting you throughout your stay, comfortable and safe accommodations, and a promise to guide you through the entire process with care and attention from start to finish. Below are a couple more reasons to choose NICA's Volunteer Abroad Program.


Unlike other programs offering an experience abroad, NICA focuses on your needs and desires, and we create a program around those expectations. We offer student, vacationer and service trips throughout the year on a rolling calendar. This means the program is almost always available on the dates you desire. Other programs have specific dates and projects for selection. Our projects and dates are as flexible as you are!


By participating in our program, you will be supporting an organization dedicated to creating a lasting change in a developing community. We do not bring volunteers in to give hand-outs or establish short-term goals. Our volunteers help promote sustainable projects throughout the community so the impact continues on long after you depart!


Finding your purpose is a journey worth taking. Our program enables you to escape your routine and experience life in another part of the world on your terms. The immersion will introduce you to a country, culture and community very different from your own.

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