Nicaragua Initiative For Community Advancement

We use an innovative and unique approach to community development. By working with people from the local community, we provide opportunities enabling them to become agents of lasting change.

Somos el Cambio

Somos el Cambio is a program where adults work for their community in exchange for basic needs like food, shelter, and building materials. We have spent 12 years developing this program, and the community impact has been substantial. Hundreds of houses built or improved, clean streets and beach, tourism has increased, and community pride is visible. Read More

Our Philosophy

Self advancement solutions mean giving people opportunities not handouts. This maintains dignity and elevates self-confidence. We believe that this approach will bring about lasting change as pride leads to people making decisions to improve their community and way of life. Read More


CREA provides educational reinforcement to students and teachers using proven learning applications enabled by internet connections, tablets, and computers. We have seen measurable results since it was launched in March of 2015. Parents work for educational opportunities for their children under the SEC platform.. Read More

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