El Tránsito

El Tránsito

El Tránsito is small fishing village located on the Pacific Coast about one hour from Managua. It has a population of about 1800 people, most of whom do not have potable drinking water. More than 60% of the population lives on less than $3 per day. The average house is a shack by U.S. standards, with no running water, no septic or sewage systems, and inconsistent electricity service. Education statistics are below the national average, and employment opportunities are few.

We don’t want to paint El Tránsito as a dismal place. It is a great place. The people who live there are happy and content in their circumstances. This community is innocent, safe, and wholesome.  The beach has fantastic surf. The sunsets are unforgettable. The streets and beaches are clean and safe.  Serious crime does not exist there.  Overall, people are motivated and excited about new education and work opportunities.

We have over 700 residents who have worked with NICA to improve their circumstances. Nicaragua has a very young population, with 50% being under eighteen years old. Our participation is remarkable at 40%. El Transito is engaged in facilitating change. Together, NICA and the residents have made tremendous strides over the past twelve years.

The CREA Program has accomplished so much since its launch in early 2015. Attendance at school has increased. Test scores have improved significantly. Interest in learning has increased.

The Somos El Cambio Program has made steady and consistent progress since its inception in 2006. Many new homes have been built and 100s of other homes have been repaired and improved. New businesses are operating in town.