El Transito sits on the Pacific Coast about an hour from Managua. This is where NICA researches and develops programs that are proven to make lasting change. Right now we have two major programs we run. We appreciate your support to continue facilitating lasting change in El Transito.

NICA is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3, Tax ID #20-4637401.

Programs and Projects

Community Partnerships

We work with many partners in the community to deploy even more impact in town. Mandla Hotel and Antigua Esteli Cigars are among the many partners that process their community projects with us. Donate here to support their work in Nicaragua.

English Program

We have partnered with Kaiser University to provide a validated English language program in the NET (NICA’s Community Center) in El Transito. The program costs $3000 per student to become proficient in English enabling them to now work in the global economy.


We currently sponsor the most promising students to go to a private high school and once they graduate to go to local universities. It cost $xxx to sponsor a high school student for one year and $xxx a college student for one year. 

Somos el Cambio

For $100, you can sponsor one spot in our program each quarter. Basic needs are met through work opportunities.


For $250, you can sponsor a child for an entire school year to have access to math and reading programs that measure and test fluency online.