Jaime Mercado

Somos el Cambio Supervisor

Jaime is our eyes and ears on the ground in El Transito. She is involved in every project we have going on there. She lives in El Transito with her family. She attends a university in Managua on Saturdays, working towards a degree in Business Administration. She joined NICA’s team in 2008 because she wanted to help improve her community. In the beginning, she worked part time, supervising the participants working in the Somos el Cambio program (SEC). In a short period, we could see her dedication and passion to NICA’s vision, and she took over more and more duties. Since

Since 2010 she has been supervising and organizing SEC in its entirety. Her leadership and organization motivate and empowers nearly 160 participants each year.

In 2015, NICA supported Jaime’s desire to take over the management of Caracola Café after some lovely volunteers set up the building and business to help NICA fund CREA and SEC. Caracola Cafe is a smoothie and taco restaurant that sells internet to tourists and coordinates volunteer opportunities in town. Caracola has been open for almost two years, and she manages and operates all aspects of this business. It has been profitable since she took over, and NICA’s programs have benefited from her enthusiasm and dedication.

Jaime will complete her degree in 2018; she hopes to use her new knowledge to continue assisting in progress and growth of the community.

Somos el Cambio