Raquel Beteta

CREA Program Supervisor

Raquel Beteta is a local young woman from El Transito. She and her family still live in El Transito. She finished high school at Douglas Vasquez Galeano, where CREA currently operates. She received a scholarship from NICA to study in a University in Managua, where she earned a degree in Accounting in 2016.

She joined the NICA team in 2015, as a data entry assistant for the CREA program to maintain a database and profiles of the student’s participation. During that time, she demonstrated an overwhelming desire to make CREA the best it could be because she saw its potential to create better opportunities than she had at the same school just years before. She quickly learned the educational apps and the platforms that CREA uses.

Today she single-handedly implements the day to day programs CREA deploys under the direction of Michael Parrales. She assists over 350 students each week with educational apps and reinforcement activities. She controls all the inventory and security protocols for the program. She is truly invested on a deep level to see this program succeed. She sees first-hand its impact.

DVG is one of 5 public schools in the country that deploys an educational program using technology, and it is the only rural school in the country with this opportunity. By the middle of 2017, we expect to add the 2nd rural school in a neighboring community to El Transito. Raquel has already volunteered to help make its deployment a success.

Raquel Beteta